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Heels of Justice

Apr 2, 2019

Welcome to Heels of Justice; these are the stories of women lawyers who are trailblazers in their field and paved the way for the rest of us.

Today’s episode is a very special live recording of a conference held in DC by ChIPs and a non-profit whose mission is to advance and connect women working in technology, law, and policy.

Mallun Yen was Vice-President of intellectual property at Cisco, launched RPX Corporation and is now the co-founder and COO of SaaStr, the world’s largest community of software as a service business executives.

Noreen Krall is Vice President and Chief Litigation Counsel for Apple Inc. and is responsible for all aspects of Apple’s global commercial and intellectual property litigation. Prior to joining Apple, Ms. Krall was the Vice President and Chief IP Counsel for Sun Microsystems, providing legal counsel over all facets of Sun’s intellectual property assets and leading Sun’s engagement on intellectual property law and policy issues. She started her career as an engineer at IBM.


Key Takeaways

[:46] Sarita introduces Mallun Yen and Norre Krall, two of the ChIPs organization founders.

[1:34] Katherine and Sarita take a few minutes to highlight some special aspect of both of their guests.

[5:04] How did Noreen and Mallun become friends and how did this friendship turn into ChIPs?

[9:25] Katherine asks Mallun and Noreen what concrete steps can be taken to mitigate the apparent in difficulty women seem to have shifting from friendship to business relationships with other women.

[16:51] Is there a mindset shift required for women to receive a business pitch from other women?

[18:31] In closing, Sarita asks what Mallun and Noreen’s vision is for ChIPs going forward.


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Mentioned in this episode (chronological order)


ChIPs Global Summit


RPX Corp


“How friendships hold women back in their careers — and what they can do about it,”
by Mallun Yen

Apple Inc.

Sun Microsystems



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