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Heels of Justice

Jun 23, 2019

Welcome to Heels of Justice; these are the stories of women lawyers who are trailblazers in their field and paved the way for the rest of us.

Today, Katherine and Sarita wanted to take a moment to reflect on how their interviews with such amazing guests have resonated with them so far, both personally and professionally.


Key Takeaways

[1:05] Katherine and Sarita welcome listeners to this third special episode of the Heels of Justice podcast and explain what about these discussions resonated with them the most.

[1:25] Sarita begins the conversation with the Ruby Zefo interview since both she and Katherine received emails about it!

[2:52] Katherine talks about how the leaps of faith from Ruby’s interview were echoed in her Sarah Burstein interview as well.

[4:28] Kerry McLean on feeling valued and Neha Sempat on belonging both gave Katherine the words she needed to talk about how she wants to be a better boss.

[6:04] Intuit wins the best place to work worldwide! That’s not trivial and hearing the insider perspective was one of Sarita’s high points.

[9:51] Maya Hazell’s dedicated work on diversity and inclusion is a great example of the progress and changes being made in big firms.

[10:33] Change seems to be a theme and Sarita asks Katherine’s perspective on Noreen Farrell’s work on equal pay as well as the big shift that the MeeToo movement facilitated.

[12:15] Claire McCaskill and Noreen’s Farrell’s similar panel experiences! Ambition is awesome, own it — Katherine shares a personal work experience on being criticized about it!

[16:23] Susan Henderson Moor is a contact of Sarita and the whole reason why Senator McCaskill was even on the podcast (what an incredible honor!)

[17:07] Listener feedback opens up the discussion on failure, nonlinear career paths, being comfortable with being uncomfortable and Katherine and Sarita share their own supportive spouse stories.

[21:34] Sarita’s husband's question for Kerry McLean was the one that resonated most with Katherine.

[23:38] This podcast is done on free time, Katherine and Sarita thank their families and each other for all of the volunteer work they’ve all done to get this out.

[24:2] Editing is important — Sarita shares the drinking game potential: every time she said “you’re amazing!”

[24:21] Sarita and Katherine wrap up season 1 of the Heels of Justice and thank their listeners for all the feedback.


We’ll be back soon with season 2!


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