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Heels of Justice

Mar 7, 2019

Welcome to Heels of Justice; these are the stories of women lawyers who are trailblazers in their field and paved the way for the rest of us.

Today, Katherine and Sarita wanted to take a moment to reflect on how their interviews with such amazing guests have resonated with them so far, both personally and professionally.

Key Takeaways

[:22] Katherine and Sarita welcome listeners to this special episode of the Heels of Justice podcast and explain why this discussion seemed necessary.

[1:22] Sarita asks Katherine her thoughts on what Anirma Gupta had to say, and what spoke to her most.

[3:05] Your co-hosts discuss flying taxis and “majority minorities” from the Sasha G. Rao interview, as well as zero-in on some favorite parts of this episode.

[8:47] On the recurring theme with some guests, of shifting networks.

[10:25] Katherine and Sarita marvel at the very human traits — disappointments and imposter syndrome — of the amazing Judge Diane Wood.

[13:24] Sarita finds a common thread weaving through the episodes, and it’s one that Katherine voiced in her own interview.

[15:43] The enormous importance of a supportive life partner.

[16:23] Before signing off, Sarita and Katherine invite listeners to connect with the Heels of Justice to propose future guests, and discuss episodes.

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Disclaimer: The opinions you have heard are ours or our guest’s alone. They’re not the opinions of our employers, or our clients, or our bosses, and not our husbands, kids or pets or anyone else’s.


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